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EASYMADE by West Port Architects is a concise, transparent and clearly priced architectural service tailored for single dwelling extensions, interior re-designs and refurbishments of 5 to 100 sqm.



EASYMADE gives you access to a full architectural service at lower-cost fixed rates.

Recent Project:
Private House
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With EASYMADE not only do we help you design your dream space but we also assist you in:

  • Clarifying your project objectives

  • Setting your project budget

  • The hurdles of planning and building regulations

  • Managing your project through its construction

  • Delivering your project on budget and on time

Recent Project:
Crouch End 
Private House
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No matter your project brief, EASYMADE is delivered in 3 clear and discernible phases.

Click on each Phase button below to find out what you can expect from us during the course of your project:

We recommend all our customers get a measured CAD survey commissioned for their project: 


Price of 2D Surveys:


Price of 3D Surveys:


(We can help you source a surveyor if you do not already possess an accurate drawing or up to date measured survey of your property.)

In addition to our roles as your architects we also take on the following duties for you during the pre-construction phases of your project :

Principal Designers (find out more)

Please note if you do not explicitly appoint a principal designer the role is defaulted to you the client.


Lead Designers (find out more)


To help you understand how the area of your EASYMADE project is measured and costed at Phase 2, please refer to the example and illustrations below: 


Our fee for Phase 2 is based on the proposed Gross Internal Area (GIA) in meters squared (written as 'sqm' or 'm2')  of your project. As in the example below, if you're looking to get your kitchen extended as well as have it refurbished, the GIA of your project will include both the floor area of the kitchen being refurbished as well as the floor area of the proposed extension.

WPC EasyMade How to Measure A_HTM-Combo.

In this example the total area of work and our fees would be calculated as followed:

Kitchen refurbishment area: 3 x 5.5 = 16.5 sqm

Kitchen extension area: 2 x 5.5 = 11 sqm

Total GIA of works: 27.5 sqm

We round up or down to the nearest 5. In this instance we would round the project up to 30 sqm.

A 30 sqm project would be considered an EASYMADE SMALL project (see illustrations below) and the fees due would be £2,304.18. If this project were to require planning permission there would be an additional lump sum fee of £950 added.


Click or hover on each project size guide below for a more detailed breakdown on pricing across the range:


Invoicing & Payment:

Phase 1: Phase 1 is invoiced at its completion. However, if we have been commissioned to begin work on your project and you later decide to terminate it before Phase 1 is completed, a £320 termination fee will apply.

Phase 2: For projects in Phase 2 we invoice for the incurred amount every 28 days. The incurred amount will be a percentage of the overall fee for this phase.

Phase 3: During Phase 3 we invoice for the incurred amount every 28 days.

WPC EasyMade_Invoice Bar (2019)_02.png

Please note invoices should be settled within 14-days of the invoice date to avoid late penalty fees.

Take a look at our EASYMADE guide for explanations and clarity on some common terms and queries on smaller jobs:
The Guide:
What's Inside:
  • Planning Permissions & Householder Consents

  • Freeholders vs Leaseholder Rights

  • 2D Measured Surveys

  • Design, Access & Heritage Statements

  • Use of Structural Engineers on Small Jobs

  • Party Wall Surveyors

  • Quantity Surveyors

Frequently Asked Questions:

Use the following tabs to uncover answers to our FAQs

How likely am I to get planning consent or my certificate of lawfulness approved?

By using our service and employing our team of trained professionals we believe you are increasing the likelihood of getting planning consent or your certificate approved at the first time of asking.

During the development of your project we continually alert you to any implications existing policies and or the design may have on getting approval. If we feel a project is a complete non-starter, we will either advise you on an alternate route or regretfully decline to take it on.

Can you guarantee that I will get planning consent?

Unfortunately, we can never guarantee your project getting planning consent. Planning decisions are based on a combination of fixed government policies, national and local policy guidelines and the priorities of your local authority. What we do however, is utilise our interdisciplinary experience to interpret local and national policies as best as possible, while looking to work closely with your local planners so as to give your project the best chance of succeeding.

What is ARB and what is RIBA?

ARB stands for 'Architects' Registration Board'. The ARB is the sole organisation responsible for the licensing of architects in the United Kingdom. The title ‘architect’ is protected in the U.K. and only those who have successfully registered with the ARB are able to use the title.

RIBA is an acronym for ‘The Royal Institute of British Architects’. The RIBA is a membership body that architectural students, architects and practices may sign up to. The RIBA is one of the most globally recognised professional bodies in architecture.

As a company of architects and as a practice registered with the Royal Institute of British Architects, we are bound by both the ARB’s and RIBA’s high-standards and professional codes of conduct.

Do I need an architect?

Architects are licensed building design professionals bound by strict codes of conduct with a minimum of 7 years of combined study and training. Architects are specialists at realising the full potential of space and experts at enriching the connection you have to your home and built environment. Furthermore, architects are skilled at balancing creativity with pragmatic issues such as budget, time and construction.

Do you do structural calculations or engineering?

We do not provide any structural engineering services. For structural advice on your project, we help you find and liaise with a local engineer or put forward those we have worked with before.

I already have a measured survey of my property; Do you need another?

We will ask for and review all existing information you have on your property necessary for us to conduct our services effectively. If we find your existing survey drawings to be sufficient, we will happily use them.

What areas do you work in?

EASYMADE is best suited to those looking to carry out extensions and refurbishments within London’s M25. We are happy to discuss projects falling outside this boundary, but please note that additional travel and time charges will apply.

What is a Certificate of Lawfulness/Lawful Development Certificate?

A Lawful Development Certificate is an official record stating to you and any other potential owners of your property that all the building works you've done are legal and in accordance with local and national planning policies and regulations.

Applying for the certificate is recommended to those wishing to carry out permitted development works to their homes which do not strictly require you to notify your Local Authority. However, having the certificate is a validation by your Local Authority of those works being in keeping with the relevant Permitted Development Rights.

What should my project budget be?

One of the most asked and most difficult question to answer. As best practice, we recommend you first decide what the absolute amount you are willing to spend is (accounting for as many of the key cost shown below as you may) and with that figure we can work backwards with you to assess its viability.

However, as a loose rule of thumb, for a single extension of approximately 20 sqm (4x5m) with associated refurbishment works to the adjoining interior, minus new kitchen or bathroom, but with a medium spec finish throughout, we suggest a starting project budget* of approximately £70-75k.

*Your project budget should consider these key cost:

  • Build Cost (Materials & Labour) (~70-80% of project budget)

  • Professional Services (namley an architect, structural engineer, building surveyor, party-wall surveyor & building services engineer)

  • Statutory Costs (e.g. Planning Application fee, Certificate of Lawfulness fee & Building Regulations fees)

  • Medium Spec Kitchen (~£10-12k) – if applicable

  • Medium Spec Bathroom (~£5k) – if applicable

  • Project Contingency

What is a Lead Designer?

The duties of a Lead-Designer are very similar to those of a Project Manager. As your Lead-Designer we will be responsible for the overall co-ordination of the project and its other specialist consultants. Moreover, we become the main point of contact on the project, filtering the most important information back to you for sign-off and approval.

Find out more about the role of a Lead Designer here.


If you would like to discuss EASYMADE further or require more bespoke architectural services please feel free to get in touch with with us at

West Port Architects.