A design, access and heritage statement is a specialist document that local authorities may request for submission as part of your application for planning. Authorities typically request one for projects in specially designated areas, projects of a more controversial nature or those that affect areas or buildings of notable heritage value.


Design, Access & Heritage statements can be produced by architects, planners or other specialist consultants. However, unless there are extremely contentious planning, designated land or heritage issues to do with your project, we prefer to coordinate this service to you in house.




If you are leasing your property you will most likely require written permission from your freeholder(s) before carrying out any physical changes to it.


We recommend you discussing your project with your freeholder(s) before spending any of your budget.



A measured survey is a highly valuable set of drawings for the effective planning, design and delivery of any building project. If no existing or up to date survey of your property exists, then we always recommend a new one being commissioned and carried out by chartered surveyor.


Surveys are especially critical post-planning permission, and ahead of any building work, where maximum coordination between consultants and contractors is required.



If you live in a semi-detached, terraced or flatted development, there is a likelihood that the services of a party wall surveyor will need to be employed where proposed works require the abutment/use of shared walls between neighbours.

Amongst other duties, a party‐wall surveyor will help serve party wall notices to your neighbours and deal with the party wall agreement between you and your neighbours.


The party wall agreement is a form of contract setting out the rights and responsibilities of all parties directly effected by the proposed works.



Planning Permission / Householder Planning Consent

With projects that involve changes to the outside of a single property you require either householder consent or planning permission.


The application cost of both householder consent and planning permission are payable to your relevant local authority at the time of application.

Most applications for planning permission are decided within 6-8 weeks of the submission date.

In a small number of cases the local authority may ask for additional time or information.



For jobs requiring the removal or part demolition of a structural wall we recommend the consult of a structural engineer before commencing any building work.


As architects, we can liaise with the chosen engineer on how best to achieve the results you’re looking for.


The expertise of a structural engineer will help assure the structural integrity of the project to you and your neighbours, particularly in flatted and terraced developments where structure is shared.



Quantity Surveyors

The role of a quantity surveyor is to provide expert advice to clients on building and construction costs for their project. If hired on a job, quantity surveyors work closely with the architects to ensure the best balance between design and value.


As specialists, quantity surveyors will often adopt duties from us, such as preparing and developing your project's cost plan, drawing up the bill of quantities and the project management of your build.